Egg Freezing

After you donate eggs to our program at least once, you can choose to come back for another cycle and freeze all or some of your eggs for your own future use.

Egg freezing gives you control over your fertility by letting you preserve your healthy, young eggs, and postpone your family-building. Female celebrities and corporate CEOs are taking advantage of the biggest development in women's fertility today. Yes, it's true that as a young and healthy egg donor, you should have plenty of eggs remaining after your egg donation cycle, and plenty of time to build your own family the "old-fashioned" way. However, if you wait too long, the age of your eggs may become an issue, or other factors can impact the fertility of you or your partner at any time. Because life is unpredictable and unforeseen events can interfere with or delay your plans, we're excited to offer you this option. Egg freezing is like a snooze button on that biological clock. It lets you focus on your current dreams and goals, with the piece of mind that comes from knowing that you can have your young frozen eggs available if you ever need them.

This cutting-edge technology can be costly, but as a repeat LIIVF egg donor, you can be paid to freeze eggs for your own future use through several egg freezing programs available to you.

Egg freezing is perfect for:

Choose the elective egg freezing option that's right for you:

Elective Egg Freezing is just one of the many benefits we offer as a "thank you" to our proven egg donors who may be interested in the opportunity.

For more information on the details of these options, please contact a LIIVF Donor Egg Coordinator at (877) 838-BABY.

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