Thanks to the generosity of anonymous egg donors, thousands of Long Island IVF patients have become parents through our egg donation program. And through the process, we have come to know and appreciate an amazing group of young women who selflessly donate of themselves.

You, too, can be a part of our family-building team. If you decide to donate your eggs, you'll be providing a special and very necessary gift to someone who is otherwise unable to have a child. In fact, we can't build their family without your help.

How it Works


To be accepted as an egg donor at Long Island IVF, an applicant must be fully screened medically, know her family's medical history, and successfully complete a psychological screening.

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Once you have been accepted into the donor egg program and selected by a recipient, you will be notified by one of our donor coordinators and meet with one of our nurses to get an in-depth explanation of the process and procedures.

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Long Island IVF recognizes the emotional and physical hardship placed on the egg donor. Donors will receive monetary compensation for their time and generosity. However, most are motivated to donate by the sense of fulfillment for giving others the opportunity to realize their dream of a family.

Another great perk of egg donation at Long Island IVF is that we offer donors to freeze their eggs for their own use.

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Egg donors make motherhood possible. To learn more about becoming an Egg Donor, schedule your personal introduction to egg donation.

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